The SafeTee

The SafeTee was born to promote a safe and vigilant community for all people regardless of gender, sexuality, race, disability or religion. We think that the only way to do this is together and starting with conversation. Through our designs, we strive to be a catalyst for that conversation and an aid in fundraising to those leading the way. We're all in this together!

50% of all proceeds go to support those organizations working hard to make a difference.


How to be an Ally

Listening to a range of marginalized voices is essential in understanding what’s at the core of any issue. It may make you uncomfortable – even defensive. Fight the urge to speak or retreat and JUST LISTEN. Seek out the words and writings of people with differences of opinion. Branch out from your typical news sources, follow social justice leaders on social media, dive into podcasts/videos/books created by someone of a different race or identity; really open yourself up to hearing what others have to say.  If you want to support diversity, make sure you’re tuned in to a range ideas. 
Being an ally means actually being an ally – not just identifying as one.  It means starting conversations about where we are, what's missing and where we hope to go.  It means standing up to your friends, family, co-workers and neighbors when they say something racist, intolerant or discriminatory.  It's not laughing at “harmless” jokes at the expense of others.  It's being inclusvie both personally and professionally.  It's quite literally defending and standing with someone who is discriminated against. Helping someone feel safe is an action, not just a symbol. 

Donate your time, money and energy to organizations working for justice. Get out into your community and out of your comfort zone. Together we can make a difference.